HUX is a branding and creative strategies collective that uses culturally relevant storytelling to help clients engage thoughtfully with markets across the black diaspora.

We are a strategic ally for black-centric brands looking to tell their stories to a larger audience and a cross-cultural advocate for black consumers. HUX is a house for new thinking and new doing, a consultant and a practitioner, a producer of content and ideas—igniting new brand perspectives and connecting clients to the resources that best suit their goals. HUX helps businesses, communities, and industries move from opportunity to growth by designing branding narratives for an increasingly diverse black consumer audience that are both nuanced and authentic.


The HUX Effect is a reconceptualization of diversity marketing practices as more than a series of broad-stroke campaigns.

Our goal is to help clients curate genuine, ongoing conversations across niche and mainstream channels that lead to sustainable corporate and community partnerships. Just as 'the Huxtable effect' re-contextualized the black family for American popular culture, HUX Storyhouse offers clients a new way of thinking about branding and the black consumer. 

We are dynamic cultural storytellers.

Simply put, we know black. From its mass marginalization to its emergence as a global force in art, fashion, language and politics, we illuminate black and its varied stories with a fresh purpose. Why fresh? Because mainstream branding has failed to keep pace with black and its growing track record of game-changing innovation. And because 'fresh' means never out of style.

HUX's mandate is to help black-diaspora clients turn cultural cache into corporate capital. We believe the black consumer is a sleeping giant of the global economy. We challenge mainstream clients to engage them in ways that forge trust and spark empowerment. 

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